About Yachad

Yachad is the new educational platform for Jewish teens in Minneapolis.

Yachad is the new Jewish educational platform for teens in Minneapolis.

Through a unique community-wide pluralistic collaboration, Yachad changes the way Jewish education is viewed and offered through a radical reformation, including choice, authentic learning, and mentoring. Yachad allows teens to grow their own Jewish identity by strengthening their critical thinking skills, providing leadership opportunities, and engaging authentically in the world all rooted within Jewish values.

In an effort to create this flagship Jewish educational program, Yachad embraces the diversity of Jewish practice and belief, engages all community stakeholders, promotes innovation and educational excellence, and strengthens teens’ commitment to the Jewish people and global society. Yachad’s innovative student-centered approach to supplemental Jewish education is designed to meet the needs of the whole person – emotional, artistic, social, developmental, spiritual, and educational. Yachad teens will also participate in mentoring and being mentored.

For more information, please contact Dana Prottas, Yachad Executive Director, at dprottas@yachadmn.org or by phone at 952-491-0720.